Faster, easier, smarter

    Value can be measured in many ways— money, time, reputation, quality, environmental stewardship and productivity. In all of these ways, both qualitative and quantitative, QuiPtaping brings value to every project.

    Time. In business, time is one of the most important cost factors. QuiPtaping products have been carefully designed to help you doing a job the saves time.

    Cost. Time is money. Both for the PRO as for DIY'ers. The pay back time of our tools is less then a day. That makes QuiP tape dispensers a valuable tool.

    Quality. We measure our manufacturing quality in microns ensuring that our tools have the most accurate precision . They minimize damage to expensive materials, reduce rework, and increase accuracy.

    Longevity. QuiPtaping products are made to last—designed, engineered and manufactured of high quality materials to withstand rugged workshop or jobsite environments. 

    Comfort. The ergonomic design of each QuiP taping dispensers adds to the comfort of the tradesman. Our dispenser is easy to use and safe to handle. They feel comfortable in your hands and easy access to operational controls.

    Professionalism. Our tape dispensers enable you to work faster and more accurately, produce a better finished product, complete the job quickly, and cleanup the jobsite with ease.