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    Masking tape GREEN - smooth surface - 36 rolls 25mmx25m & QuiP25 tape dispenser

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    QuiP® masking tape GREEN- freshly painted surfaces
    ​36 rolls 25mmx25m and QuiP38 tape dispenser


    Product description
    QuiP® masking tape GREEN is strong, smooth and thin. Solvents and moisture do not have a chance of getting under the tape or penetrate. Result is beautiful, sharp paint edges. Applicable for both water and solvent based paint.

    Tape benefits

    • Washi tape - ultra thin, medium tack Removable within 120 days. Clean removal
    • For razor sharp painting lines
    • Blocks paint bleeding. Water and solvent based paints, do not come under the QuiP® Tape.
    • UV resistance, Sun and rain resistant, does not dry out. 
    • With QuiP tape you are assured of a very good painting result!

    Dispenser benefits:

    • Easy and fast operable, both left and right.
    • Protected blade : safe and secure.
    • Straight and accurate cut in corners
    • Protected tape roll against dust and dirt.
    • Apply tape in straight lines and bowes
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