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    How do you design your interior?

    Styling tips
    Styling is the nicest part during decorating your living and reflects your personality and gives the right atmosphere for a comfortable and cozy environment. How to approach this is described below. 

    Focal point
    During styling the best is to look for a central point to which the environment can be designed and created. This can be a bed, open fire, a big window, a cupboard etc. Put your emphasis on this and place small and original accents in the rest of the environment.

    Knowing the preferred style and your taste
    Before you start it is important to know what style has your priveleg. Look for impressions that you get inspired by and collect the most beautiful pictures. Also look at the different interpretations of styling. Working according a certain pattern does not necessarily mean that they have to be identical. Everbody is capable to create his own style and worldclass design. Design in with Bohemian flair, or Hollywood kitsch or minimalistic Zen atmosphere …

    Define your budget
    Before start with your interior design you better check and determine what budget is available. Stelt Calculate an percentage for unforseable expenses. Prices of paint, wall paper, fabrics, floor carpets, finish and Furniture are easy to calculate or to summarize by collecting brochures or on the Internet. Please also visit some shops and collect some samples of colors and materials.


    Prepare a mood board
    Now that you have made choice about style and budget it will be time for a mood board: this is a big A1 paper where all samples, colors, fabrics, sketches and photos are drawn and put together. Take some photos of the furniture and this helps you to look from a different angle and give you new inspiration and fresh ideas. If you have created consistency you have created a nice balance in colors, light, furniture and nice accents and nice details.

    Who paints at last, paints the best
    In the mood board you also have defined the colors. We advise you first to have a tentative set-up of the environment before starting to choose for what painting to buy. Texture, structure of materials and shape are important details that define the final choice.

    A consistent environment
    An interior design is successful when you have created a the pleasant transistion to the connecting rooms When the contrast is too big there is no consistency and makes the interior look smaller and restless. In order to create consistency use familiar elements and decorative objects in the various environments. Repeating patterns, as flower pots, photo frames or sayings can be basis of that. We wish you lots of pleasure and success with you interior design.Read more.