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    Tips from a professional?

     Preparation is key

    Preparation rules


    A thorough preparation is essential.
    It really defines the final result you gonna achieve. Even a professional painter is not capable of hiding a poor preparation and deliver a fantastic result with poor products! QuiPtaping lists the ground rules to achieve the best results.



    Sanding is essential on all painting jobs if you want to delivery a quality job. Rough wood and old layers of paint need to be  sanded and wiped off thoroughly for a good adhesion of the new paint layer. It creates an even result.



    Tape appliance

    Be well prepared before you start. Mask all parts and surfaces that do not need to be painted. Both in paint and in tape there is really a big difference in quality! Order here
    Only by using the right tools and products you create a good result.

    Basic rules
    1. Use always quality products.
    2. Work neatly and do not overhaste.
    3. Work on a solid, dry and dustfree surface
    Hard surface: Remove all loose parts as this is not a good start fors tarting a painting job. 
    Dry surface: New surfaces like stucowork, plastering, tiles contain much water and requires to dry before further preparation can be continued. Humidity is one of the most important issues of failing a proper painting job.
    Clean surface: The surface that has to be painted needs to be clean, meaning free from dust and dirt
      Good to know
    • Use the right sanding paper. Too fine is better than too rough
    • Thorough sanding is required.
    • In-house the bigger surfaces need to sanded carefully.
    • Water based paint can be better cleaned with a cloth; sanding is not leading to great results.
    • Lacquered paint and other scratch resistant paints requires good and thorough sanding.
    • Wooden surfaces first requires drying before sanding.
    • Sanding plasterwork by using a Block in order to remove plaster grains..
    • Use tape with the right adhesion
    • Durability of the tape is defined by the quality of the tape. Washi paper is ideally suited, also when you bring on different paint layers. No residue after removal.
    • Especially with the hardening behavior of water based paint masking the surface is to be advised. 
    • To work precise we advise QuiP tape that is most suited tape to create traight painting lines without bleeding of paint .