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    What masking tape for what surface?

    The most important appliances ...


    Joints, skirting boards, window, door frames ...


    Wood and glass

    Applying masking tape on skirting boards there tape for existing paint and new lacquered paint.  

    For existing lacquered paint QuiP® masking tape YELLOW is best suitable.

    For fresh lacquered paint we advise QuiP® masking tape GREEN to prevent thatt “fresh” paint gets damaged when it will be removed.

    When the lacquered paint is already hardened for a period of at least 6 weeks QuiP® tape YELLOW can be applied .


    Ceilings and Walls


    Stone and Plaster

    This requires a masking tape with better adhesion, as walls and ceiling have a rougher surface. But if the adhesion is too big the masking tape will possibly damage the surface.

    Wallpaint consists mostly from water and the tape needs to deal with that.We advise you to use QuiP® tape RED.

    Recently applied wallpaint need to be masked with QuiP® tape VIOLET.




    Stone and Wood 

    Masking floors the material of floors is very diverse. The same rules apply: the right masking tape for the right surface. In case you are not sure please test the tape first. 

    Stone surfaces require QuiP® tape RED.

    Wooden floors can be best masked with  QuiP® tape YELLOW .