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    QuiP Handmasker + 6 rolls Gold Masking Tape 1inch/55yrds

    Article number 1125000202
    64,95 Included 21% VAT
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    Tape dispenser and QuiP® Masking tape GOLD washi 

    For smooth surfaces: glass, metal, tiles 6 rolls 1inch/55yrds 

    Product description QuiP tape dispenser
    With the QuiP tape dispenser you are able to aplly tape fast and acurate and with the intelligent cutting mechanism applying tape exactly in corners safes time and makes your painting job a lot easier. Our tape products is of high quality in combination with the dispenser creates a very good result.

    QuiP25® tape dispenser benefits:

    • Easy and fast operable, both left and right.
    • Protected blade: safe and secure
    • Straight and accurate cut in corners
    • Protected tape roll against dust and dirt.
    • Apply tape in straight lines and bowes

    Tape benefits:

    • Washi tape - ultra thin, medium tack and clean removable within 120 days. 
    • For razor sharp painting lines
    • Blocks paint bleeding. Water and solvent based paints, do not come under the QuiP® Tape.
    • UV resistance, sun and rain resistant, does not dry out 
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