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    QuiP25® tape dispenser -max 25mm/one inch

    Article number 1025000201
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    QuiP® tape dispenser- max 25mm/one inch

    Product description
    Apply tape becomes a simple task with the QuiP® tape dispenser. Quickly and with precision in a straight line. Cutting the tape is straight and precise.  Useful for all those angles, such as skirting boards, walls. Supplied with indicator that guides you to apply tape accurately in small window frames and - edges. The tape is cut straight and exactly in the corner.
    The tape is always protected so that dust and dirt do not have a chance to stick at the side of the tape. Always the beginning of the tape. It saves you a lot of annoying moments!​

    Various sizes tape dispensers

    There are QuiP® Tape Dispensers for tape widths up to 38 mm.

    Saves you time and money, convenience and precision creates a huge advantage.


    • Easy Operable with one hand, both left and right.
    • Internal blade and safety mechanism to protect surface and body.
    • Tape cut is straight and accurate.
    • Possible to apply tape and cut straight in the corner.
    • Taperoll is protected by a transparent cover and stays free from dust and dirt 
    • Both suitable voor taping straight as in circles. 
      Operates fast and accurate. 

    Take the hassle out of your painting job!

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