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    QuiPSystainer tape storage - QuiP38 Handmasker + 4 x 1.5 inch/55yrds

    Article number 8038050104
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    QuiP® Systainer* including QuiP38 (1.5 inch) Handmasker and 8x washi tape 1.5inch/55yrds

    Product description
    This handy and clever storage system for tape and dispensers is ideal to help you doing a proper and organized job. The case can hold up to 4 rolls of tape and has a proper foam inlay and also stock your tape dispenser properly. It is connectable with other cases of different format.

    QuiP® storage management system

    The QuiP® systainer you always work organized and gives you direct entry to you tools and accessoires The tool box is  with a foam layer for both storage of dispenser and tape. In the QuiP® Systainer there is storage capacity for a maximum of 8 roles of tape and a tape dispenser, both QuiP25, QuiP36 and QuiP38*. The system is widely used by professionals. Handy during transport and always keeps your tools stored in good condition.

    Measurements in mm:
    External H105 x B 396 x D 296
    Internal H 75 x B 383 x D 273
    Weight 1,3 kg
    *De Systainer is a Tanos (Ger) product and is widely used by craftsmen.

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