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    Operating instructions

    Tape appliance with QuiP® tape dispenser
    1. The tape dispenser has rolling wheels that presses the tape against the surface.
    2. Direct at the start the tape needs to be pressed by rolling the wheels just a little.
    3. In order to start in the corner, lean with the round part of the body and move towards the corner.
    4. Place the dispenser straight against the frame or corner and move in an even pace .
    5. Do not put too much pressure during appliance, otherwise the tape will “slip”.
        After appliance always check if the tape sticks at the edges.
    6. While applying the tape tilt the dispenser. Coming in the next corner the dispenser must be tilted completely.
    7. When the SAFETYLOCK is pressed the trigger will be activated Pull the trigger and the tape is cut straight and accurate.