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    With masking tape from QuiP®
    Superior tape quality to achieve the best painting result!

    Work for the best result of your painting job

    Did you know that only an averafge 8% of the cost is material based.

    Everybody recognises the time and effort that is spent on a painting job. Also the appliance of tape is such a time consuming job and requires some skills  and practice to mask properly. Finally, when you remove the tape … the result is not what you had in mind: straight painting lines.

    Using the wrong tape, “bleeding” of paint gives a poor result and is difficult to remove. All the long hours of hard work are waisted.
    With the new QuiP® tape straight painting lines are guaranteed.
    Use QuiP tape and get the best painting result!


    Masking tape fast and easy applied with the QuiP® tape dispenser. Straight and accurate painting lines will be the result!



    Why use QuiP® tape?

    The basis for this strong and thin masking tape is rice paper. Solvents and water based paints do not get a chance to come under the tape. Beautiful straight painting lines are the result when removing the tape after the paint is dry. And QuiP® tape does not leave any residue.

    •  Straight painting lines
    •  Excellent appliance
    •  Clean removal
    •  thin, strong and UV resistant
    •  suitable for both water and solvent based paint
    •  different adhesion depending the surface Read more.

    When the paint is dry (>24hrs), the tape can be removed with an angle of 45 degrees.