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Masking with QuiP® tape dispenser
For straight painting lines

Applying masking tape accurate and straight

Have you ever applied tape manually? If you did, you experienced that this is a very time consuming job that requires patience and accuracy. End of the day straight and sharp painting lines is what you want to achieve. And what about that annoying attempt to remove the tape. Applying tape seems to be an endless job. Not anymore ...

With the unique QuiP® tape dispenser masking tape can be applied accurately and straight and the tape will be cut precisely in the corner. Your masking job will be time consuming by using the QuiP tape dispenser. Watch the video.

A very nice feature is that tape is covered inside the dispenser. This means that tape is well protected and is kept in good condition. Dust and dirt do not have a chance.


QuiP® tape dispenser 

The main features:
  •  At least 2 – 3 times faster than manual appliance of tape
  •  Accurate and straight lines of paint
  •  Accurate and straight cutting of tape in corners
  •  No need for “corner” tapes anymore
  •  Cirkels or other patterns can be easily applied
  •  Clever cutting mechanism, 
  •  Tape protection through cover
  •  Suited to use any Brand of tape

In combination with QuiP® tape efficient preparation is possible, ready to create a good and straight painting result.
Watch the user instructions here.